Dr. Sebastian S. Feger

HCI Researcher

UX Researcher


Software Engineer

Sebastian Feger is a Postdoctoral researcher in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience (UX) at LMU Munich. Sebastian's research threads include physical computing and prototyping, developing smart objects for Augmented and Mixed Reality, data management in data science, and Internet of Things (IoT) security and privacy communication. His doctoral research focused on the intersection between Data Science and Open Science, supporting and motivating reproducible science practices through the design of suitable interactive tools. As part of his studies, Sebastian specialized in gamification and knowledge management and sharing. Sebastian conducted three years of his doctoral research at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. CERN is a leading laboratory in one of the most data-intensive branches of science. Sebastian was further involved in the design of CERN tools for assessing and communicating the safety of IoT devices. Sebastian received the German federal Wolfgang Gentner Scholarship for his research. Before embarking on his PhD journey, Sebastian supported SAP Research Switzerland in an EU project on infrastructure for autonomous vehicles and worked as a CERN fellow on the design and implementation of a software framework for controlling and testing radiation-resistant hardware chips.